eat meat and lose weight

Eat meat and lose weight. Here's how:

If we tell you that there is a meat diet, you may be skeptical at first, but when you find out what it really means, you will certainly be delighted. Especially if you like food based on delicious meat, prepared in the oven, with spices and so on.

eat meat and lose weight

A protein or hypoglycemic diet is one of the methods by which you can actually lose body fat in a relatively short time. The explanation would be that the proteins are of a high quality - they are terribly filling. Think of foods that are high in protein, such as salmon or grilled chicken breast; after you have consumed them, it takes a long time until you get hungry again.

Unlike low-calories diets, the protein diet proposes a deviation from the typical calorie approach. Thus, the type of calories is considered, first of all, because the body reacts differently to the calories from proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. Specifically, one gram of protein will generate different reactions in the body compared to one gram of carbohydrates, although proteins and carbohydrates have the same caloric power of ~4kcal. The reason is the secretion of insulin, which increases greatly in the case of carbohydrates and much less in the case of protein. That's why you can really lose weight by eating as much as you like, as long as we are talking about protein.

Protein or hypoglycemic diet is not new. Some specialists even claim that primitive man had a predominantly protein diet until he discovered agriculture.

In the meat diet there will certainly be restrictions, but still it is good that you can eat what you like, as you will see immediately. You can eat either baked, boiled or grilled meat. You are also allowed to add spices, but not much salt.

Of course, we recommend that you do not eat large or excessive portions, and the meat you choose should be poultry, turkey, etc. And don't forget that baked fish can also be a delicious steak.

We all love a good steak and many of us would like to eat meat as often as possible. Of course this is not healthy, but for a week we want you to crave and lose weight. That is why we want you to know about this controversial weight loss regimen.


Meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. How is that? 

meat diet

Obviously, be careful what you eat, in the sense that you should not overdo it. We will present you the diet for all the 7 days of the week. You can vary at will and, if you will be able to follow the regimen for 10 days or even 14,  you can lose about 5-6 kilograms.

So it is worth the effort, isn't it? Let's see what it's all about!



Breakfast: a low-fat yogurt and a piece of grilled turkey; you can also drink a coffee

Snack:  a few strawberries

Lunch: brown rice and a slice of baked chicken steak, white cabbage salad

Snack: a pear

Dinner: grilled fish with lettuce



Breakfast: a baked chicken leg and tomato salad; you can also drink coffee

Snack: a few cherries

Lunch: baked fish and cauliflower, a lettuce

Snack: a grapefruit

Dinner: lettuce with tuna, corn and tomatoes



Breakfast:  an omelette in which you can put chicken breast and a cucumber salad; you can also drink a coffee

Snack:  a slice of melon

Lunch: a grilled fish and boiled spinach

Snack: an orange

Dinner: 100 grams of grilled turkey breast with a tomato



Breakfast: 100 grams of beef with a cucumber salad; coffee

Snack:  an apple

Lunch: boiled chicken liver with tomato salad

Snack - a handful of blueberries

Dinner: a portion of polenta and a boiled chicken breast



Breakfast: turkey with tomato salad

Snack: a few almonds

Lunch: baked fish with vegetables

Snack: an apricot

Dinner: carrot and celery salad, a little chicken breast

On Saturday and Sunday you will compose a menu similar to the one above and you will make sure that the meat portions do not exceed 150 grams, maybe even less.

Of course, when you follow the steak diet you will drink a lot of fluids, do sports and take great care of yourself. Don't forget not to overdo it and after 6 pm you will NOT eat anything (or 4 hours before bed!).

After you complete this diet, follow a detox diet with juices, for example. It will be necessary to successfully eliminate toxins. 

If you want to try this diet, it is best to gradually reduce the amount of carbohydrates, to avoid any discomfort. If you do not feel well, increase the amount of carbohydrates consumed.

In conclusion, the fact that you can lose weight by eating meat so often is not a myth if we consider the protein diet.

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