Good Manners When Eating Meat

Good Manners When Eating Meat

The code of good manners, including how to eat right, is learned regardless of environment, age, level of culture.

In this article we address how to eat different types of meat, according to the code of good manners at the table.

Appetizers made of slices of meat do not automatically turn into sandwiches, as we usually do at home, but are served with a knife and fork, accompanied by the other elements on the plate. If the salami has "skin", it will also be removed with the help of cutlery, never by hand.

Chicken is a dish loved by most of us. The whole chicken is served as such on a plate and the host is the one who will cut it. In order not to fail, here are some steps when preparing to cut a chicken:

  1. With the help of a fork, fix the chest, and start by cutting the legs with a knife.
  2. Step two is to separate the wings following the same procedure as before.
  3. Step three is to cut the chest in two, vertically, and serve as much as you want.

It should be noted that the chicken is eaten with a fork and knife. Do not use your fingers to eat the meat left on the bones so as not to leave the impression of bad manners.

The ribs you eat at the restaurant are actually the thin end of the pork ribs from which most meat is cut. The meat that remains on the ribs is difficult to cut off the bone, so the bone must be held with the fingers of one hand while the meat is being eaten.

Due to the fact that this dish is served with sauce, it is a difficult food to eat, which creates mess and is served only at informal meals.  

Eating fish requires a special skill. Fish is not eaten in the same way as a steak - no ordinary knife is used. The knife is used only for deboning and as an aid to eating. The fish bones in the mouth are placed on the fork, in delicate cases we can remove them with two fingers.

First cut the head and tail of the fish with a fork and knife and move them to one side of the plate. Then insert the tip of the knife next to the spine and split the fish from one end to the other.

At this time, you have three options:

  • pull the spine out;
  • unfold the fish like a book and remove the spine;
  • lift the fillet on top, eat it, then remove the spine from the remaining fillet.

For canned fish we use a fork, held on the right, helping us with a piece of bread held on the left. Note: Before you go out into the world, ask questions and then practice at home. 

If an oyster is closed, we open it with the blade of a normal or a deboning knife. Remove the intestines and gills (they have a darker color) with a fork. The oyster is then removed from the shell, detaching it from the joint. Place it on a plate and serve with lemon, salt and pepper.

Crustaceans are usually served without shells. If the meal is less festive, the shrimp are cleaned by hand: their head is broken, which makes the intestines come out, then the meat is removed from the shell.

In crabs and lobsters, the joints are broken by hand and then, with special pliers, the bones are broken and the meat is removed from the chest, legs and tail. The meat of these crustaceans is usually eaten with toast and butter. It is necessary to have a bowl of water on the table for rinsing your fingers.


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