How to cook beef depending on the assortment

How to cook beef depending on the assortment

Regardless of the assortment, the recipe and its place of origin, beef is always tasty in dishes from around the world. A tasty dish, always reminiscent of good taste from home, can be easily prepared from any assortment of beef meat. The culinary preparation will be tasty, full and will delight your taste buds. The only secret in preparing it is the right choice, both for the piece itself and for the perfect recipe to prepare. Beef quality also matters, there are differences between Black Angus beef and normal beef. You can try several options by following the guide below and get inspired by world cuisines to create delicious and healthy meals.



Nothing compares to the delicious taste of beef in this form, which retains all the qualities of meat. But not every piece of meat is suitable for steak. To get a delicious taste and a perfect consistency, you need to consider a few aspects. First of all, the ideal pieces for steak and barbecue are the marbled ones, with an intramuscular fat content distributed correctly among the muscle fibers. Ideal are: ribeye or chop, chiulota, tenderloin muscle, sparrow, chest and meat.

So the first step to cooking a perfect steak is choosing the right assortment of meat. If you want a very tender and marbled steak, you have to adapt the recipes of the chosen portions. It's good to know that the best pieces come from the side and back ribs, short loin and tenderloin muscles, and similar pieces. Thus, for a New York steak only short loin muscle and ribeye are good, for T-bone steak short loin and tenderloin are recommended, and for rib eye steak - ribeye or chop. If you want a special steak, Filet mignon is ideally prepared from tenderloin muscle. And the Mediterranean flavors of the Osso Buco recipe are best highlighted by a piece of brine with bone.


Stews, goulash and other dishes with sauce 

Stews, goulash and sauce dishes are an important part of Eastern European cuisine. Just as there are ideal assortments of meat for steak, there are also perfect assortments for sauce dishes. These include: cap, fricandeau, walnut, ribs, brisket-steak and rasol. In general, the weaker, harder-to-cook pieces are chosen for these dishes. These are the ones that become tasty when cooked slowly, including in the slow cooker, where they can cook freely.

It is about the correct cooking of the meat, which means that you must use fresh meat, not frozen and that it must be kept at room temperature for a few hours, not rushed into the pot. In addition, it is ideal to fry the meat a little before following any recipe, to make sure that it keeps its delicious juices inside.


Soups and delicacies

A dish that you must have appreciated as a child is beef soup. Because it is a delicious soup, full and with many health benefits, it has become a nice food even as a name. The legs and head are the right pieces for any soup, and the brisket, lid and nut can be added by those who want an intense taste of Black Angus meat. But when it comes to true delicacy, the tail is best. Beyond the traditional look of this delicacy, it also contains bones and cartilage and marrow and meat, making it ideal for soup.


Keep in mind that the joy of cooking means first of all play and experimentation. And if you have high quality beef and tailored information, nothing can stop you from turning play into a delicious culinary experiment.


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