Charcoal, Gas or Electric Grill - which one is best for you?

Charcoal, Gas or Electric Grill - which one is best for you?

While most BBQ-loving Americans prefer the gas grill, the electric grill has gained more and more ground in everyone's households because it comes with a lot of advantages. Let’s see them below!


The Charcoal or Wood Fire Grill

Taste: The general opinion is that the food cooked on this type of grill is the tastiest. The smoke emitted by coal and, in particular, wood, transfers an unmistakable flavor to the meat and vegetables, due to the small drops of fat that drain from the pieces of meat. If taste is the only criterion you consider, then this type of grill is the best choice.

Effort: The delicious taste does not come for free. More than any other grill, the charcoal grill requires effort before, during and after its use. From buying charcoal / wood and storing it, to the actual start of the fire which requires a bit of skill and lasts up to 30 minutes. Cleaning the grill after use must be done carefully to remove any charred crumbs that are harmful for health. You do not have the option to set the temperature, so it can be very difficult for beginners to maintain an optimal heat level and ensure a perfect cooking level.

Health: The charcoal grill gives birth to infinite "mms" on gourmands’ lips, but also to as many eyebrow raises for nutritionists. Although cooking food directly on fire dates back to the ”beginning of the world”, more precisely about 400,000 years ago, it is the subject of great controversy. On one hand, grilled meat is considered healthy and low in calories because the fat melts and flows into the fire. This is exactly one of the problems - say those concerned about health - more precisely those harmful chemicals that are formed by burning fat and which are transferred to the meat through smoke. Specialists also warn about the "burnt" crust of the meat, which often remains attached to the grill, and recommend cooking at low temperatures for a longer time.

Price: It is the cheapest grill on the market, although it can reach several thousand dollars, in the case of multifunctional grills or those built of brick.

Portability: The charcoal or wood fire grill is an outdoor grill. It is NOT used indoors. It can be easy or difficult to transport, depending on its size.


The Gas Grill

Taste: The gas grill does not offer the unmistakable flavor of the charcoal grill, but its burner browns the food in a similar way and gives it an intense, slightly smoky flavor.

Effort: The gas grill is easy to use and requires about 10 minutes of preheating - much less than the charcoal grill. You can easily control the temperature level and you can turn off the burner whenever you want. You can opt for a multifunctional grill, with toaster, smoker, storage cabinet, etc. On the other hand, gas grills have many components that can suffer damage after a few years, depending on the model and frequency of use. Maintenance can be costly in the long run.

Health: Meat cooked on a gas grill is considered healthier than fried on top of coals. The first reason is the lack of harmful smoke mentioned above. The second factor is that you can have control over the temperature at which the food is cooked, thus eliminating the risk of carbonization of small fragments.

Price: Pretty expensive. As with any product, the cost differs depending on the equipment, but the starting price is significantly higher than the one of charcoal grills.

Portability: You can supply the grill with propane gas (from a cylinder) or methane gas (from the public distribution network). In the second case, we cannot talk about mobility. You "tied" it to the gas pipe and it stays there. For the first version, transport is possible, but it is not very desirable, being heavy and difficult to carry around.

Caution! Any gas-fired grill must be handled and used in accordance with the instructions in the product manual, in order to avoid the danger of gas leakage and other risks.


The Electric Grill

The electric grill is the least traditional type of grill, but it has become very popular in recent years, being the healthiest and most affordable grilling method.

Taste: Although it has an excellent score in all other categories, the taste of the food is not a strong point for this type of grill. There is no flame, so don't expect the traditional taste of smoke.

Effort: 5 stars out of 5. Suitable for beginners, for those who do not have time and want to cook healthy, and even for those who do not like to cook. Unlike other grills, all you have to do is plug it into an extension cord and it will heat up in a few minutes.

Health: There is no direct flame, so neither are the risks associated with this type of cooking. You can easily control the temperature for optimal and healthy cooking. It is the safest grill for health, for silhouette, but also for the planet, being the most clean of the 3 grill types.

Price: Cheaper than a gas grill, but more expensive than a charcoal grill. If you use it only in the kitchen, you can choose a small grill for the countertop, at a more affordable price. If you want to take it out in the garden, there is the option of tall electric grills, with legs, storage trays and other useful equipment for a professional BBQ party.

Portability: The electric grill is the type of grill that you can use inside without any worries. If you have a small apartment or a small kitchen, you can choose an easy-to-use grill on the kitchen counter or even on the balcony. You can easily carry it anywhere, but don't forget to make sure you have a source of electricity at hand.

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